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New stations opening in University District, Roosevelt, Northgate neighborhoods

By Katie Metzger
April 9, 2021

The sun’s been shining, COVID-19 vaccines are here and there’s some BIG news to look forward to later this year: the opening of the Northgate Link Extension.

Today, we are officially announcing the opening date for passenger service on Northgate Link. Mark your calendars for October 2 and get ready to ride!

The 4.3 mile light rail extension has three stations: two underground serving the U District and Roosevelt neighborhoods, and one elevated station at Northgate.

Reliable, traffic-free trips of only 14 minutes between Northgate and downtown Seattle start soon. 

The opening will coincide with service changeson ST Express, King County Metro Transit and Community Transit bus routes that will be modified to allow riders to connect with congestion-free Link service.

Voters approved the Northgate Link extension in 2008 as part of the Sound Transit 2 ballot measure.

Construction on the project began in 2012 following six years of planning. Twin boring machines began tunneling in 2014, completing the 3.5-mile twin tunnels in 2016.

Two people in orange vests look up at giant pieces of steel falsework at the U District light rail station while it was being constructed.
Construction at U District Station in 2018.
A view of U District Station from the train tracks. Gray and black paneling is visible on the wall to the right, and the platform is on the left.
U District Station in 2020.
Looking down at Roosevelt Station while it was still in construction, with the high school football field visible to the right.
Roosevelt Station in 2019, from the perspective of the “Big Red” crane.
A worker stands on the platform at a nearly complete Roosevelt Station.
Roosevelt Station in 2021. Construction of all three stations was substantially complete at the beginning of this year.
A half a dozen workers install rail on the elevated guideway near Northgate Station.
Guideway construction for the Northgate project was completed in 2018, followed by rail installation in 2019.
A Link train can be seen on the left side of the platform at Northgate Station, with stained glass art on the right.
Since January, light rail test trains have been operating on the new elevated light rail tracks last month to test the overhead electrical power system.

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