Meadowbrook Community Council

The Meadowbrook Community Council’s goal is to support community spirit and create a more connected environment in Northeast Seattle’s Meadowbrook community and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Council meets every other month on the second Tuesday of the month at the Meadowbrook Community Center.  The meetings have regular visits from city departments to discuss local projects and to gather neighborhood input, as well as the Seattle District 5 representative and State Representatives on occasion.  Other neighborhood events and concerns are discussed.  Everyone is invited to attend and listen and share. We invite the neighborhood to participate with the Council and join as a member.  In addition to having voting rights on Council actions, members are also helping to fund community enrichment.  Dues are currently just $10 per person per year. 

Anyone residing within the geographical jurisdiction of the Meadowbrook Community Council is eligible to join. The southern border is NE 95th Street, the western border is Lake City Way, the northern border is NE 115th Street, and the eastern border is Sand Point Way NE. 

Your Councilmembers

Pam Bowe

Pam Bowe


(206) 947-7914


Dan Keefe

Vice President

(970) 217-5461

Mike Reinhardt

Mike Reinhardt


(206) 522-3151

Wilma Boyd

Wilma Boyd


(206) 527-4696

Walt Bubelis

Director at Large

(206) 353-9036

Terry Vogel

Director at Large

(206) 412-2270

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