Meadowbrook Pond

Meadowbrook Pond is a Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) stormwater detention and flood control facility located at 35th Avenue N.E., between N.E. 105th and 110th streets in northeast Seattle.  There are multiple access points on all sides of the pond.

Meadowbrook Pond was designed to provide multiple stormwater benefits for Thornton Creek, including flood reduction, water quality improvement, sediment removal, and habitat improvement.

However, Meadowbrook Pond has become a beloved community asset, which also provides a wetland, wildlife habitat and open space.  Several paths surround the pond and footbridge runs through the middle of it allowing many parts of the pond to be enjoyed.  All kinds of birds and even beavers are some of the wildlife that can be regularly seen in and around the pond.  The community also holds regular events here.

Meadowbrook Pond has a devoted following on Facebook, which keeps track of its happenings at the pond.

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