Meadowbrook Emergency Hub

Community Emergency Hubs are places where people gather after a major disaster to help each other. Hubs serve as a central gathering place among neighbors whether they live in homes, apartments or condominiums.  They are centralized places where neighbors can communicate needs and the skills and or tools they have to help.

Hubs are built and staffed by neighborhood volunteers and will be activated once the volunteers have secured their own individual situations.  Ideally, when a hub is activated it will have an information exchange center to allow people to understand what is going on in the neighborhood, a communication center to allow people to know what is happening in the city and region, and Ham radio operation to hear city broadcasts, and to communicate with other hubs in surrounding neighborhoods. 

While hubs are only activated after major disasters that have likely disrupted power and the usual means of communication, such as phones and television, and they exist only to help with the flow of information.    Hubs are not meant to be emergency supply distribution points, but they will likely know where emergency supplies are located. 

Currently there are 135 hubs designated throughout the city. Each hub reflects the unique character of the community they serve, and may look different from location to location.

Meadowbrook’s initial Hub is located in the parking lot of the Maple Leaf Lutheran Church at NE 100 St and 32nd Ave NE.  The Hub is always looking for more volunteers to help with staffing and efforts to place more Hubs around Meadowbrook. 

Our Meadowbrook Hub also conducts multiple drills and open houses throughout the year.  If you have any interest in participating or have questions, please contact us at:

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